4 Boxing Footwork Drills

The value of practicing boxing footwork drills is easily overlooked when first starting to learn the basics of boxing, but any experienced boxer knows that to be successful in the sport, mastering footwork is a crucial part of training.

Here are 4 boxing footwork drills that you can practice at home:

Footwork drill 1 – Slip > Pivot

Starting in an orthodox boxing stance, slip your head to the left as if to dodge a right hand. As you bring your head back to the centre, pivot clockwise around your front foot, bring your back foot around behind you. This should change your stance approximately 90 degrees. Be sure to keep your right hand high while you slip to the left, and finish with your hands up protecting your jaw at the end of the movement.

Footwork drill 2 – Step + Slip > Pivot

Starting again in an orthodox boxing stance, slip your head left to dodge the imaginary right punch. This time as you slip, step your lead foot to the left at the same time. This little step will put you further away from an opponent, and give you more room to throw punches. Finish with the same pivot used in footwork drill 1, turning 90 degrees clockwise.

Footwork drill 3 – Step + Slip > Hook + Pivot

This drill is the same as footwork drill 2, only this time you will throw a left hook as you pivot clockwise. You may want to practice throwing a variation hooks and straight left punches, as you will have to adapt the punch depending on what your opponent does, but don’t concern yourself with this too much. The main thing we are practicing is the footwork and balance, the punches are easily adapted if the feet are correct.

Footwork drill 4 Step + Slip > Hook + Pivot > Cross

In the final drill you will add to the sequence used in footwork drill 3, throwing a straight right punch on the end. The pivot performed during the hook will set up the shoulders for w straight right hand, and will allow you to create a plyometric effect on your right foot. This plyometric effect can help you to generate power through the right cross by pushing off the ground transferring your weight back through the punch. If you are struggling to stay balanced, step the right foot up underneath your body as you land the punch to help stop you falling forward.


5 x 2 min round of shadow boxing using drills. These drills do not need to be done at a high intensity, but we are aiming to perform a large number of repetitions. feel free to do SOME at higher intensity, but don’t go so hard that you require a rest. We want to perform the movement as many times as possible to commit it to muscle memory.

Round 1: Footwork drill 1
Round 2: Footwork drill 2
Round 3: Footwork drill 3
Round 4: Footwork drill 4
Round 5: Freestyle shadow boxing, using each of the footwork drills randomly, incorporating them amongst your other punches and movements