4 Health Benefits of Boxing

Are you looking to spice up your daily workout? Do you want something exciting with more adrenaline to get you pumped for exercise? Then Boxing is the right choice for you!

Boxing is one of the oldest sports and it goes back to the very earliest civilizations practiced by warriors and hard-men throughout history. Today, the sport of boxing has been adapted to be much more accessible for everyday people to participate in.

Boxing for fitness has experienced a huge boom in the past few years especially in the USA and Australia, particularly in Brisbane. For good reason too, as the sport provides an exciting yet sweaty session, usually lasting 45 to 60 minutes consisting of many different exercises, ranging from body-weight calisthenics to a mixture of punching combinations with a partner or heavy-bag.

Boxing can be practiced with a coach at the gym or in private by following some very good at-home programs. If you’re still asking yourself why you should choose boxing, here are a few some points that will definitely make you wonder why you haven’t tried it yet:

1. Strengthen your entire body

For starters, you should know boxing is so much more than only arm strength. You’ll throw hooks, crosses, some jabs and uppercuts, and these all require the strength of the entire body and not only your arms. Your legs and core strength are a fundamental source of power in a punch, and as you practice boxing, your leg and core muscles will strengthen. Boxing training usually also involves pushups, squats, planks and much more. Another bonus is improving hand-eye coordination which may help you in everyday life in ways that you don’t even realise.

2. burn calories and gain muscle mass

Whilst strengthen up your entire body, you’ll burn a serious number of calories, but also build some quality muscles. Within a single session of boxing, women can easily burn 400 calories and men 500. More importantly, boxing provides an exciting and challenging workout with an endless amount of variety. This means saying goodbye to long painful sessions running in a spot on a treadmill. Resistance training such as lifting weights is known to increase muscle mass, but hitting a heavy bag or a pad is also a form of resistance training, which when done with intensity can build muscle mass in a similar way to lifting weights does.

3. Aerobic and Anaerobic fitness

Make no mistake, boxing is quite an intensive and challenging type of workout, but what makes it special is the merging of both aerobic and anaerobic elements. Achieving a balance in your overall fitness means having both of this elements in your workouts.

As the name itself suggests, the key component in the aerobic exercises is the oxygen (it is the fuel for your muscles). All of the aerobic exercises require low energy and can be sustained for a longer period of time. This aerobic element found in boxing will improve your cardiovascular health, and burn fat. Consider moving relaxed circling around the ring in between throwing punches (low intensity activity performed for extended period of time).

On the contrary, the anaerobic element of boxing is found in the fast acts of throwing explosive punches! Split-second movements, constant bursts of energy! Anaerobic equals activities done without oxygen, and with high intensity for shorter periods of time. The anaerobic elements of boxing will improve your endurance, speed-up your metabolism, and increase your muscle mass.

4. Create a Healthy Mind

Last but not least, we must mention of one of the most important advantages of boxing, improving your mental state. We`ve spoken about all the physical aspects but this one will be like turning a new page in your life. Hitting a bag or focus mitts can be a huge stress-reliever!! “Box away” your hectic schedule, the stress and anxiety from work, and feel more free and satisfied.

Don’t be scared to leave your comfort zone and try out something new. Build strength and endurance, lose the extra weight, become lean and strong! Become fearless, and feel confident in your own skin!

Feel the benefits for yourself, contact us to book yourself in for a boxing class!