After relocating from Springwood to the newer and bigger facility in Slacks Creek, The Boxing Institute has been able to offer a higher standard of training and education in combat sports, including Boxing and Muay Thai.


The Boxing Institute was foundered back in 2014 by current owners Ben Johnston and James Jarvie to be a place where anyone can come and get a great workout.

The Boxing Institute has evolved from being a family run gym from a backyard shed, into one of the best run Boxing gyms in Slacks Creek. It has also managed to achieve this without losing its core values that were established in that family run gym environment.

After relocating from Springwood to a the newer and bigger facility in Slacks Creek, The Boxing Institute has been able to offer higher standard of training and educaiton in combat sports, including Boxing and Muay Thai.


Ben Johnston

Co-Founder & Head Coach

Proud born and bred product of Logan, Ben Johnston, is the head trainer and co-founder of The Boxing Institute.

With more than 10 years experience in combat sports, Ben has over 25 fight experiences across Boxing, MMA and Muay Thai. This depth allows him to bring an open-minded approach to his classes, and also allows him to give Boxing advice specific to each sport.

Attention to detail is what Ben prides himself on, and this allows him to give our boxers a technical advantage when it matters most.

James Jarvie

Co-Founder & Coaching Staff

James Jarvie is one of the coaching staff and co founders of The Boxing Institute.

After a long setback from a soccer injury, then a motorcycle injury, coach James decided to hang up the gloves and channel his energy into passing his knowledge of the sport on to others.

James brings a mixture of fitness, strength & conditioning and a certain playfulness to his classes that keep things interesting for the participants!


“We at The Boxing Institute pride ourselves on our ability to make new people feel welcome and being able transfer our passion for boxing over to our students. Our trainers are credible with real Boxing experience which makes a big difference when teaching, as real experience matters when it comes to all forms of fighting and self defense! We believe it is important that our students get treated equally whether they are a world champion or a first timer, as we have both attending our gym. More attention and dedication from our trainers will always be given to a good attitude rather than natural talent.”

– Ben Johnston. Co-owner and Boxing Institute Trainer.


We want you to leave feeling better than ever. Showing up is the hardest part, once you have done that, leave the rest to us and you are sure to see results! We have a different outlook at The Boxing Institute. Our hands-on approach to Boxing and Muay Thai sets us apart from other gyms. We have combined the best aspects of a boxing gym, fitness studio, bootcamp and used our real-fight-experience to embody this approach and redefine what a gym can be. Visit us for a free lesson to see for yourself!



  • Over 325 m² of fully padded flooring
  • A full sized boxing ring
  • Weights and cardio equipment
  • Showers
  • Male, female and disabled bathrooms
  • Kitchen facilities for members
  • An in-house masseuse
  • Personal Trainers
  • Ladies Only Classes
  • Kids classes
  • Morning and evening classes