Fighter classes are only for the students that have been invited by one of the Boxing Institute trainers.

A student looking to compete in the ring as a professional or amateur boxer, may find that a regular boxing class, training with first timers and other inexperienced students will not prepare them enough for a real competition fight. At the boxing Institute we have separated the classes so that the fighters train with other fighters and more advanced students and are separate from the beginners. This ensures that our fighters have the best quality training available with the best trading partners.

Fighter classes are only for the students that have been invited by one of the Boxing Institute trainers. This ensures that only the highest of quality students are in the class.

We structure our classes so that the difficulty level in the beginner classes is specific to beginners and the fighter classes have more advanced drills and techniques, and are run at a higher intensity.

The specific goal of the fighter classes is to prepare students for competition. As competitions are taken seriously at the Boxing Institute, students that aren’t prepared to put the work in will not be attending competitions to represent our team.

Students can work their way into the fighter classes by showing dedication and training consistently. By making their trainer aware that they would one day like to fight, the trainer can pay close attention to see whether they are up to standard of joining in with the fighters.

Everyone starts somewhere! Although it may seem like a big task to train long enough to be invited into the fighters class, students must remember that all fighters were once a part of the beginners class themselves.


Our Logan based facility has 350m2, of padded flooring, because we know that especially in the beginning, the participant’s safety must come first! The occasional trip or fall the students may encounter while performing their footwork, will be met with a floor that is a little more forgiving and they won’t be limping the next day!


The most important thing is that students enjoy the lessons! If you aren’t enjoying your training, it’s likely excuses will start being made and sessions will be missed.In order for us to create permanent and positive change in the lives of our students, we need them to be in the gym regularly!


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