If you are looking to mix up your training from regular boxing to something that provides a slightly different challenge, Muay Thai may be the perfect thing.

Through use of kicks, knees, elbows and of course punches, Muay Thai is the striking art form which is arguably most similar to what a person may encounter in a self defense situation.

Not only does Muay Thai expose students of The Boxing Institute to another form of fighting, but it also provides a whole new style of workout. Since it takes more energy to throw a high kick than it does to throw a punch, kickboxing can be a very effective way of improving a persons cardio.

As a student gains experience in boxing they will notice that punching becomes easier and they find themselves not as physically drained after each round at training. By mixing up the training with a kickboxing session, this can provide a way of training that the body isn’t used to, giving a new type of cardio workout. This is similar to how a boxer might prepare for a fight by going for a run or swim to improve cardio.

The Boxing Institute (in partnership with The Fight Centre – Brisbane) has produced many Champion Kickboxers and Nak Muay (Muay Thai fighters) over the years, including many state and national champions and even a handful of Muay Thai world champions.

The Logan boxing facility hosts a competition size boxing ring and many full-length heavy bags. This allows students to practice their punches as well as their kicks to the head, body and legs. Being able to practice shots at full power on a heavy-bag is a vital part of a fighters training, as punching a partner at full strength is not permitted in our boxing gym due to the lack of safety when engaging in such activity.


Our Logan based facility has 350m2, of padded flooring, because we know that especially in the beginning, the participant’s safety must come first! The occasional trip or fall the students may encounter while performing their footwork, will be met with a floor that is a little more forgiving and they won’t be limping the next day!


The most important thing is that students enjoy the lessons! If you aren’t enjoying your training, it’s likely excuses will start being made and sessions will be missed.In order for us to create permanent and positive change in the lives of our students, we need them to be in the gym regularly!


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