Teens boxing classes run out of our boxing gym in Logan are a great way for young adults to improve their confidence, improve their fitness, and learn to defend themselves.

Classes cover a range of fundamental boxing techniques but also delve into other aspects which are crucial to a young adults development. Taking ownership, putting in effort, and having the correct attitude about all areas, are important lessons in our boxing classes.

Many of the teenagers in the class show great improvement after just a few short weeks of boxing training. Their boxing skills start to show progress, but the most noticeable difference is their confidence and overall opinion of themselves. Some begin to stand a little taller, speak a little louder, and smile a little more. This is by far the most important thing for us as trainers.

The classes themselves are technique and fitness based. We try to teach the basics of boxing and not get too carried away doing fancy drills. The classes are a building block for any of the teens in the boxing class that wish to pursue boxing further and possibly have a fight. They are minimal contact classes, meaning that there is not much sparring that happens in them. The more enthusiastic students have the option to come in and participate in other classes such as the adult classes which our teenage fighters all participate in.

Our teens boxing classes are not necessarily about creating the next Mike Tyson or world champion but it is more about giving these teenagers the most important tools to carry them into adulthood. We realise that not every teenager wants to fight, and most of them are just wanting more confidence so that they can comfortably be around their peers at school, and not fear any of the other students.

We realise that high school is a scary place, and although our passion is boxing and we love the sport, we also realise that for some people boxing is just a tool to help them with the rest of their lives. Depending on what the individual teenagers wants/needs we adapt and guide them differently.

If a teenager really wants to learn the art of boxing, then we teach in the art of boxing. However, if we notice that a teenager is obviously lacking some confidence, we may place more focus on building them up. Oftentimes though, improving confidence comes simply from learning to box!


Our Logan based facility has 350m2, of padded flooring, because we know that especially in the beginning, the participant’s safety must come first! The occasional trip or fall the students may encounter while performing their footwork, will be met with a floor that is a little more forgiving and they won’t be limping the next day!


The most important thing is that students enjoy the lessons! If you aren’t enjoying your training, it’s likely excuses will start being made and sessions will be missed.In order for us to create permanent and positive change in the lives of our students, we need them to be in the gym regularly!


Book a class today to secure a spot or if you’re a first time visitor, book and pay to try out our class.