Get to Know Your Coaches: Brenden Henwood

Get to Know Your Coaches: Brenden Henwood

We know our Coaches are highly skilled in their craft – but how well do you know the person behind the title? This issue we’re turning the spotlight on Brenden Henwood, better known as ‘Brendo’. Brendo’s passion for boxing is evident in his years of experience and is reflected in his coaching and mentoring. He approaches every member with the same care and friendliness and has been an excellent representative of The Boxing Institute.

But now for a bit more about Brendo from the man himself…

Q: Years of fighting and/or coaching experience?
A: 20+ years combined fighting and coaching experience.

Q: Favourite fight you’ve attended or watched?
A: Kostya Tszyu v Zab Judah (2001).

Q: Favourite musical act?
A: Black Eyed Peas.

Q: Favourite shot or combination?
A: Fake the jab then throw a lead hook, followed by a straight rear hand.

Q: Favourite memory as a fighter or coach?
A: Too many great memories, that’s the best part of the sport.

Q: Aspect of coaching you most enjoy?
A: Seeing people live their dreams and overcoming their fears.

Q: Biggest challenge in being a coach?
A: Bringing out the best in someone and making them believe in themselves.

Q: Favourite quote or expression?
A : When in doubt, knock ‘em out.

Q: What does The Boxing Institute mean to you?
A: The Boxing Institute is a home away from home. Ben and Jarvie have created a great culture. All the members are great. It’s the first gym I’ve been involved in where all the egos are left at home – AAAA+.

Q: Favourite food?
A: I love a great cheese board with chocolate and fruit.

Make sure to say hello the next time you see him!

With our floorspace only getting busier, we have started a new booking system to gain access to al classes! Using our online portal and your unique PIN, you can now book your classes in advance – enabling you to better organise your training schedule and us to ensure sufficient space for classes. The new system is already up and running, so be sure you sign-in and try it for yourself!

For more information or to provide feedback on the new system, please see our Front Desk.


We have been watching closely and monitoring students in the boxing classes lately… We have been looking to see who may be up to the task of joining the fighters class and possibly representing The Boxing Institute in future Brisbane boxing tournaments and shows.

The fighters class requires a high standard of boxer, and there is no room for people who are only half serious about their training. The sessions are grueling and longer in duration, and the expectations placed on the fighters is much higher than that of the members in the normal classes.

The reward? Winning fights! It may be difficult, but it definitely increases the likelihood of getting our boxing institute fighter’s hand raised after the final bell rings.

If you want to be in the fighters class, talk to one of our trainers and they will explain the process!