How To Warm Up Before Boxing

Make Sure You Always Warm Up Before Boxing!

With the busy lifestyle that we live in Logan, it is easy to put things that we consider to be less important low on our priority list. Unfortunately warming up before training often gets thrown into this list of things considered to be less important. This line of thinking has caused many of people to get injured unnecessarily because they chose not to warm up before a boxing class.

The warm up is just as important as the boxing training itself. If the warm up isn’t done correctly the body often becomes restricted through its movement in attempt to prevent injury. After warming up the body is loose and techniques can be performed correctly. One of the best ways to avoid skipping warm up is having a clear Walmart routine. This video provides an easy warm up routine which will prepare the body for a hard training session!

From video:
“This warm up routine is used for all types of exercise and martial arts including Boxing, Muay Thai, Ju Jitsu, Wrestling and MMA, as it leaves no area unattended. If I have a specific injury, or area that is sore on my body I may work on it a little bit more, but this routine works well to cover all areas my body.”

“You can take this routine and add it to the beginning of any work out. When we do our dynamic warm up we will be looking to warm up the entire body because if one area is tight, it can affect the rest of the body, as the body may try and compensate for those tight areas.”

“The best thing to do is start at the wrists and work your way down throughout the entire body finishing at your feet, insuring no area has been neglected. Most of the movements used to warm up the joints are a circular motion.”

“The first movement will be at the wrist, moving it in a clockwise then anticlockwise direction. I don’t spend any predetermined amount of time on an area, I basically just keep doing the movement until it starts to feel loose. The next area is the elbows. Keep the bicep area of the arm stationary and move the forearms in a circular motion.”

“I then work on the shoulders and move my entire arm in the same fashion. The arms and shoulders are very important to get warm before boxing as this is the main part of the body that will be used, so is a good idea to spend a lot of time warming them up.”

“The next exercise, I twist my body back and forth with my arms out to the side, taking my torso through its range while keeping my feet planted. From there I go to my hips, moving them around in circles in both directions to warm up both my hips and lower back. I start with a slightly wider stance keeping a slight bend in the knees and after a while I bring my feet together and continue performing the same motion.”

“I then bend forward placing my hands on my knees and draw circles with my knees. This warms up my feet and ankle joints as well as my knee joints. I then return to a standing position and begin warming up my neck by looking left and right taking it through its range without straining. Once that starts to feel loose, I start to move my head in an up-and-down motion, then in circles.”