The Monthly Catch-Up: April 2020

The Boxing Institute Revolution

As we continue to evolve our online presence, TBI is proud of present our new comprehensive online training program: The TBI Revolution.

Covering every aspect of your training, from technique to nutrition and everything in between, The TBI Revolution has something to offer every skill and experience level. Coupled with the flexibility of training online, you can now experience the premium training experience you’re used to, whenever and wherever works best for you. Simply access the TBI Revolution via the Kajabi website or app.

Keep reading for a preview of what’s in-store…

Brisbane Boxing

The TBI Revolution – The Boxing Development Program

Perhaps our favourite aspect of the TBI Revolution, if you can pick one, is our seven-week Boxing Development Program. Each week is divided into three modules, with each module tackling a different aspect of boxing technique and finished with a fitness workout and cool-down routine. Follow along with Coach Ben Johnston, and a few special guests, as he takes you on a step-by-step guide of the fundamentals of boxing.

Boxing Online Training

And if there’s any part you don’t understand or want to cover again – simply stop, rewind and replay. Learning to master your technique has never been so easy.

The TBI Revolution – Nutrition

Your approach to nutrition is equally as important as your training regime, whether you’re looking to lose weight, keep fit or get fight ready. To help you stay on track, we’ve sat down with Jack Doherty (The Combat Dietitian) to discuss nutrition and supplements. Answering questions submitted by our TBI members, there’s something for everyone!

For access or further information, contact us!

Being a TBI Member also means being part of our TBI and TFC Community and our TFC – Members Only Facebook Group is the place to keep up to date with the latest news and content. It’s is a great way keep each other accountable and we love seeing your interactions and clips on the page, so keep them coming! If you would like to join our community, please contact us!

Zoom in Your Lunch Room

As well as offering the flexibility to train when and where suits you, we are also excited to announce our new live stream timetable. Each weekday, join Coach Raf Vilches at 6am and 9am and Coaches Mitch Nicholson and Ben Johnston at 4pm (Kids Only), 5pm and 6pm and continue refining your technique and fitness!

Boxing Online Training

Classes are available via Facebook Live stream on our TFC – Members Only Facebook Group and Zoom. We highly recommend all our members to join us on Zoom – not only can our coaches provide real-time feedback, we also get to have real-time chats with you too!

For access or further information, contact us!

Be there or be square.

Book It In!

In setting and reaching your goals, it’s important to set measurable targets and keep yourself accountable. As part of reaching your goals with us, checking into your classes is vital part of the process. Checking in enables you to stay accountable and us to track your progress.

Although our training has moved online, the check in facility is still available through our online booking app.

Simply select an available session, even if this does not match up with the specific time you train. Our system is honesty-based, but we know our TBI Family is a pretty honest bunch!

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All We Do is Win, Win, Win…

Equally as important as keeping our eyes on the prize, is appreciating our progress along the way. To help us reflect on our successes and celebrate those of others, we will be featuring ‘wins’ from our TBI Community each month. These wins celebrate progress, no matter how big or small, on any personal goal – fitness or otherwise.

Name: Brad Trevisan

Win: I set myself a goal of completing a triathlon this year and since lockdown began, I have focused on my cycling. Over the past few weeks, I have been able to complete 100km a week. This is a win for me as not only does it enable me to prepare for my triathlon but it makes me more versatile as an athlete and means I will have great endurance for when I return back to the ring.

Name: Leon Rudolph

Win: I’ve recently purchased a paddleboard with the intention to learn to surf. After a persevering through a few difficult hours in the waves, I managed to successfully ride, what I consider, a couple of massive waves. I’ve never been the best in the ocean, but I managed to stay composed and keep confidently paddling!

Thank you to Brad and Leon for your submissions! If you would like to submit your win, please contact us!


A message from the TBI Team: If there’s anything we’ve learnt, it’s the depth of the strength and resilience of our TBI Family – stay safe, stay focused, stay strong!