The Monthly Catch-Up: May 2020

The Revolution Continues... New Month, New Content

As we continue to strive to deliver the best online training experience, our Coaches have been hard at work creating new content. Available on the Kajabi website and app, as part of the The Boxing Institute Revolution, our new content enables you to further develop the techniques learnt from our ‘Boxing Development Program’ by applying them in different contexts. Keep reading for some of the highlights…

Brisbane Boxing

The Boxing Institute Revolution: Bag WorkoutS

For those with a boxing bag at home, these provide a valuable way to develop power, balance and speed. To ensure you’re making the most of your bag, Coach Ben Johnston has designed two easy to follow routines. Join him in either a 3 x 3 minute round or 5 x 2 minute round bag workout and continue to develop your technique and fitness. Perfect to add onto your session after completing a lesson from our ‘Boxing Development Program’ or as a workout on its own.

Boxing Online Training


The Boxing Institute Revolution: Zoom Catch-ups

As part of our online live-stream timetable, Coaches Mitch Nicholson and Ben Johnston take our evening classes, held Monday – Friday at 5 & 6pm. (For more information on our live-stream timetable from last month’s edition of ‘The Monthly Catch-Up’, click here). To ensure you’re not missing out, or if there’s something you didn’t quite get the hang of, these classes are now available ‘on demand’. It’s as easy as clicking on a class and hitting ‘play’.


The Boxing Institute Revolution: Fancy Footwork

Equally as important as your striking, excellent footwork is a vital skill in a boxer’s arsenal. Developing your agility enables you to be swift in attack and defence and as the old saying goes, “float like a butterfly, sting like a bee”.

To this end, we’ve created four new videos to develop speed and agility in your footwork. Join Coach Ben Johnston and follow along through a variety of different ladder drills. These drills have been specifically divided to give you the freedom to choose the structure and repetition that best suits your training needs. And if you don’t have the equipment at home, no problem! Simply use any straight line on your floor or make your own ladder at home with a bit of tape.

Boxing Online Training

These drills can be added onto a lesson from our ‘Boxing Development Program’, be a workout on their own or be mixed with bag drills or other content. Like all our new content, we want to empower you to drive your training and have the flexibility to train when, where and how works best for you.

Boxing Online Training

Pro-tip: Being a TBI Member also means being part of our TBI and TFC Community and our TFC – Members Only Facebook Group is the place to keep up to date with the latest news and content. It’s is a great way keep each other accountable and we love seeing your interactions and clips on the page, so keep them coming! If you would like to join our community, please contact us!


The Boxing Institute Revolution: Kids Edition  

Our younger cohort is a large, vibrant and valued part of our TBI Community. As such, in addition to being able to complete our ‘Boxing Development Program’, we’ve also created specially designed online classes just for our younger members! Learn technique and build fitness with Coaches Mitch Nicolson, Ben Johnston and Raf Vilches, and special guest Isaac.

kids boxing

The best part? Due to their online and interactive nature, our kids videos aren’t just for the kids! We welcome Mum, Dad, brother, sisters or any family member to join in to help keep our younger members motivated, focused and having fun!

Kids Boxing


For access or further information, contact us!


All We Do is Win, Win, Win…

Equally as important as keeping our eyes on the prize, is appreciating our progress along the way. To help us reflect on our successes and celebrate those of others, we will be featuring ‘wins’ from our TBI Community each month. These wins celebrate progress, no matter how big or small, on any personal goal – fitness or otherwise.

Name: Issac Fiu

Win: Getting to work out with my brother and Dad. My whole family get to support me on my journey. I am feeling more confident in myself and enjoy learning new skills with TBI, which drives me to become better.

Name: Evangeline Williamson

Win: I’ve recently experienced a huge difference in not only my physical, but also my mental health, largely because of my time at TBI. I’ve been able to overcome my issues with anger and feel more confident and comfortable with myself and have the strength to be happy with who I am. I’ve seen this reflected in being able to better deal with issues at school, like not falling into the wrong crowd, and a big improvement in my grades, from all C’s last term to all A’s & B’s this term.

Thank you to Issac and Evangeline for your submissions! If you would like to submit your win, please contact us!

A message from the TBI Team: If there’s anything we’ve learnt, it’s the depth of the strength and resilience of our TBI Family – stay safe, stay focused, stay strong!